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Deleting User's History from your computer

How to Delete User's History from your Computer

For your own safety always delete your User's History! Especially when using a public computer!

What exactly is User's History and why do I need to delete it from my computer?

Your computer's Operating System and installed applications track all your actions and collect some data about you without you even knowing it! This data stored in your computer is called User's History.

User's History in your computer system includes info about recently opened documets, visited web sites, user's paswords and shopping record in case of using online shopping services.

If you don't delete your User's History, anyone who gets access to your computer can fish out your personal info from your User's History and use it to their advantage.

Thus, to protect yourself from frauds and malefactors or to prevent your relatives/ roommates/ colleagues/ boss from finding out what you did on your computer, you need to constantly delete your User's History from your computer system.

Your User's History IS used by frauds to steal YOUR private data! Delete it from your computer now!

How to delete your User's History from your computer

There several ways to delete your User's History from your computer.

You may delete your User's History from your computer manually, of course, but may experience trouble finding and identifying this data, let alone deleting it.

But there's a helpful simple solution how to locate and safely delete all your User's History from your computer system. And this solution is called VIP Privacy!

VIP Privacy lets you locate and safely delete info in your User's History stored inside your computer system and applications.

Now you will be able to delete your User's History from your computer in one easy step!

Moreover, VIP Privacy allows to make the process of deleting your User's History completely customized!

Please note, that VIP Privacy deletes ONLY your User's History. It does NOT in any way delete any private files from your computer NOR it changes the contents of user's documents. It is only the data collected by your applications (which is in fact your User's History) that is being deleted!

By deleting your User's History VIP Privacy does NOT affect the performance of your browser or any other application installed in your computer system.

For your convenience VIP Privacy allows for automatic scheduled delete of your User's History from your computer system.

Deleting your User's History from your computer has never been so easy!

VIP Privacy is YOUR way to safely delete your User's History, that may be used by frauds!

Protect your personal info with VIP Privacy! Discover the best way to delete your User's History from your computer in one easy step!

Experience the advantages of VIP Privacy:

  • VIP Privacy gives you ultimate protection. It is ONLY UP TO YOU to decide who should know what about yourself.
  • VIP Privacy saves your nerves. From now on you will never ever have to worry about your personal information safety. And that means, you won't waste those vital nerve cells of yours on this issue anymore!
  • VIP Privacy saves your time and effort by letting you clean up your system in just several clicks! Nice and easy!
  • VIP Privacy saves your money in many effective ways! VIP Privacy prevents your money from being stolen by protecting your private info from any frauds! VIP Privacy lets you save on investigation processes in case you data has been stolen, as it eliminates the source of such theft. VIP Privacy lets you save on other expensive data protection applications, as it grants you the only protection you'll ever need!

So why wait? Download VIP Privacy now!

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