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VIP Defense partners with MOGH group to provide state-of-art privacy, anonymity and file protecting solutions for our Asian customers.

Forget about intrusions and browse anonymously! Stealth Browsing prevents everyone from knowing your IP address. It redirects your traffic through the chain of anonymous proxy servers. They do not save or transfer information about your IP address and thus effectively hide information about you and your surfing interests. As long as you browse without Stealth Browsing you're still at risk! Protect your online shopping and browsing habits today!

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Safe Browsing is a perfect tool for your private info protection. Do you know that many user's applications and your Operating System collects and stores information about your personally and your system's configuration? This helps to facilitate your using web services such as Customer's Support or any Internet shops. But there are many malefactors that will try to steal that information and use it for their own purposes. You must take measures to keep your personal data safe!

Unlike many other applications, Safe Browsing protects your from potential threat by giving the malefactors nothing to steal! Safe Browsing lets you search and safely clean up all information stored inside your system and installed applications. It does not in any way delete any private files nor it changes the contents of user's documents. Safe Browsing knows about 700 applications and several thousand system leaks storing the user's personal data that can be stolen and used by malefactors. So, from now your privacy will always be safe with the help of this tool.

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File Safe is a mighty encryption and shredding software that will make you absolutely sure that all personal and business information stored in your computer is fully confidential. The program can shred, hide, encrypt and decrypt files in one click with robust algorithms used in DOD and CIA. You can indeed stop worrying that your private data might be read and used by rivals, cyber criminals and outsiders.

File Safe suggests 18 encryption and 11 shredding algorithms and other effective means in order to ensure that no one but you will have access to files, folders or drives with personal information. Besides you can simply hide files, folders or even disks from Explorer and no one except you will see them. The program provides first class protection, which is indispensable for both home usage and commercial purposes. Make your personal information and crucial documents fully private and impenetrable with File Safe!

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