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Meet File Safe - the best file encryption, shredding and hiding program in the entire Internet!

Protect yourself from curiosity of your rivals, hackers and cyber criminals

Encrypt and decrypt files, folders and drives with 18 robust encryption algorithms

Shred files, folders and drives with 11 sound shredding algorithms

Hide files, folders and drives from other's eyes and password-protect them

As easy as one mouse click

Integrates into Explorer's context menu

Try it now and become protected forever!

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How can I protect personal data?

Every person has the right to protect his personal life, business and private information from intrusion of other people. Nowadays it mainly concerns data stored in your computer as this information is extremely vulnerable and valuable, that is why you must use data protection software to feel safe and secure. The best protection software available today as well as the most effective way to make yourself secure and guard personal data is File Safe. This program will protect your personal data by encrypting or hiding needed files and shredding unneeded files so that they can't be restored.

With File Safe you will stop worrying that your rivals, hackers, cyber criminals or other outsiders can obtain access to any of the documents, files and programs stored in your computer. File Safe has a powerful encryption system which enables you to encrypt files using several robust encryption algorithms. Besides, you can simply hide files, folders or drives that need to be protected and they won't show in Explorer though they won't be moved or deleted. Finally, with File Safe and its function to shred files you can be absolutely sure that deleted files will not be restored by other people. Prevent your personal information and confidential documents from being read and utilized by others by using File Safe!

How can I encrypt my documents?

File Safe includes 18 robust encryption algorithms which vary from simple and fast to complex and extremely powerful - several ones are used in CIA and DOD right now. No matter which encryption algorithm you choose, the process itself is very simple. To encrypt files simply select them in the programs window, or right-click on them in Explorer and select Encrypt menu item. Then enter desired password which can be any combination of letters and numbers and click on Encrypt button.

Voila! In several seconds you will get all selected files and documents encrypted. You can specify to delete original (unencrypted) files or leave them untouched and give encrypted files some other names. File Safe is not only encryptions software but a description software as well so you can easily decrypt previously encrypted files... of course, only if you know a password! So it's a good idea to keep your passwords in some secret place where no one else can access them. Alternatively, you can guess some meaningful for you and meaningless for others name and use it as your password. This way you will memorize it and there will be no need to write it down. With File Safe you can encrypt folders and even encrypt drives as easy as you encrypted files.

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Why must I shred my documents instead of deleting them?

When you delete any of your documents, it is not deleted immediately. Even after you clear your Recycle Bin and do not see deleted document anymore, it still resides on your hard drive with "deleted" mark. Some other file may overwrite it in future but until it happens anybody can recover it and read it with special programs that can be downloaded for free in the Internet. All popular packs of system utilities include such programs as well so anyone can use them.

Anybody can easily recover file you thought you completely deleted.

But even after your deleted document is overwritten by some other file, it can still be recovered for a very long time using special hardware devices. Big corporations have such devices and can use them to actively to spy over people. Government has such devices as well and some unfair employeers of goverment can use them to do their own business. Moreover, the deleted information can be read from the distance of 50-100 meters. Malefactor even doesn't need to have access to your computer to get your secrets out of it!

This is why you MUST shred your documents instead of deleting them. Documents shredding is a process when a program completely removes each bit of the document from hard drives surface using various shredding algorithms. The main idea of these algorithms is that each spot of hard drive is magnetized and demagnetized a lot of times so that any magnetic footprints of the information contained there vanishes. No one can recover the information after you shred your documents, even using special devices.

File Safe supports 11 different shredding algorithms, from easy and fast ones to long and 100% guaranteed to be impenetrable which DOD and CIA use themselves. No matter how complex and difficult shredding algorithm you selected is, the whole process is as easy as several mouse clicks. Just select necessary file, click one button or select and item from its context menu - and the file or folder you selected vanishes forever. This is the most important part of online data protection and personal data privacy that you must use today. Among data protection services shredding documents is the absolute must have for every computer owner.

Which case hiding files, folders or drives is better than encrypting them?

Do you have curious children? Or maybe you have some curious family member which you definitely want to see some files, folders and drives on your computer? Then instead of using "hardcore" methods like encrypting or shredding files you can simply hide them from Explorer. With File Safe you can make your files, folders or even drives invisible until you run the program and enter special password. Then you can see and access your files again. Once you finished working with them - click on the button and they'll vanish again. Hiding drives is the most effective way of protecting your important documents from children. Both tasks can be easily accomplished with File Safe. The most great thing is that your children and family members won't see hidden files, folder and drives even if "Show hidden files" option is turned on in folder's options. File Safe hides your information in much more powerful way than Windows does.

So you really recommend downloading this files protection program?

For sure! You should start using if to protect your personal documents simply because this is the best file protection program available at the moment.

With our VIP-class Files Protector you are sure that your secrets are kept in secret. Protect personal data by encrypting, shredding and hiding your documents now!

Try Now! - Download File Safe Instant Access - Buy File Safe

Look through the key features of File Safe to realize that this is the program you can rely on.

Key features

  • Encrypting files With File Safe you can encrypt any files choosing one of 18 robust encryption algorithms which provide extremely good protection of your personal and business information
  • Decrypting files File Safe decrypts previously encrypted files, folders or drives after entering chosen password so that only you can get access to the most important or crucial files
  • Shredding files With File Safe you can securely delete files so that they can't be restored. File shredding is used to ensure confidentiality and protect personal information. File Safe suggests 11 sound shredding algorithms so that even deleted information remains private
  • Hiding files File Safe can hide files, folders or even drives from Explorer without their direct deleting or moving


  • Powerful encrypting system
  • 18 robust encryption algorithms (including ones used by DOD and CIA)
  • Swift and easy encryption and decryption of files
  • Hiding files, folders and drives from Explorer
  • 11 strong shredding algorithms (including ones used by DOD and CIA)
  • Explorer context menu integration


  • User-friendly and handy interface
  • Stylish main window
  • Windows 7 compatible


  • Free updates for registered users
  • Full-time technical support

Encryption algorithms

  • Blowfish
  • CAST-128
  • CAST-256
  • DES
  • 3DES
  • ICE
  • Thin-ICE
  • ICE2
  • IDEA
  • MARS
  • MISTY1
  • RC2
  • RC5
  • RC6
  • Serpent
  • TEA
  • Twofish
  • All at once - File Safe can use all of these algorithms one-by-one to encrypt the file you selected. This results in extremely good protection of extra-level.

Shredding algorithms

  • ZeroPass
  • AntiSoftRecover
  • Schneier
  • RandPass
  • GOST P50739-95
  • DOD 5220.22-M


Click to enlarge:

Main window

Main window

Hiding files from Explorer

Hiding files from Explorer

Options dialog

Options dialog

Try our program and let your personal information be secure and private!
Try Now! - Download File Safe Instant Access - Buy File Safe



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