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Why do I need to register?

Why do I need to register?

Why register?

How to register? 

Why register?
We all live a public life. In this age of communication we're surrounded by other people twenty four - seven. Your family, your co-workers, your best buddies and people you don't even want to know - they all can reach you any time via your mobile, your email, your PDA or whatever other means are invented by those mad scientists.
And that is why one of the most valued virtues today is our privacy. That is why keeping some part of life and some information just to yourself  is important like never before. Your right to privacy is protected by many laws and regulations. You have that right, but unfortunately the number of attempts to break it increases every day. A whole lot of malefactors would try to steal your personal data without you even knowing it. You need a protection. You need a guarantee. And that's exactly what you get with VIP Privacy.

What's the best way to protect yourself from thieves? Give them nothing to steal! And that's what VIP Privacy will do for you in a very simple and easy way! Isn't that great?
That is what you will get by registering:

    Unlimited number of privacy cleanups
    100% functionality  
    No nag screens  
    Full-time technical support
    Free of charge program updates and newer versions

How to register? Ordering and Payments methods

So you've seen the application do its job. You've made sure it's the best solution for your privacy protection and you want it! Well, here's how you get it, all so simple.
You can order VIP Privacy over the Internet with Credit Card. Ordering via Internet is the easiest way to register. Such orders are processed within several minutes and VIP Privacy is registered immediately. No registration keys and long registration numbers needed! You never have to worry about credit card safety. All of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, will be encrypted so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. All credit card information is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your order will be fulfilled by eSellerate (, the oldest on-line software store in the world. Your order is fully guaranteed. If you want to register VIP Privacy right now, just click here.

Product pricing

The price of VIP Privacy depends on quantity of licenses you want to register. Each copy of product can be registered either to a single user or to a single computer, but not both. For more information please refer VIP Privacy's license.

Quantity Price per copy
1 $39.90 US
2..10 $31.92 US
11..100 $23.94 US
101-200 $15.96 US
Site License Please, contact

Buy VIP Privacy now!

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