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Introducing VIP Privacy

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Introducing the VIP Privacy
Your Operating System as well as many user applications collects and stores a lot of information about you, your family, and your system. This may be the information you don't mind sharing (like your recently opened documents) or the data you'd like to keep secret (like your postal address and credit card number). Such data is stored in your system usually to facilitate your using different web-services (getting the Customer's support, buying some product via the Internet etc).

But many malefactors might want to get access to your personal information such as your name, your address, your social security number, your credit card pin and number, passwords, network and email access data or your system's configuration. And in some cases they are able to do so by stealing the information stored by different applications that are installed in your system.

VIP Privacy is an application that lets you search and safely clean up all such information stored in your system. It does not in any way delete any private files nor it changes the contents of documents you have in your computer. It shreds only the information collected by different applications that is actually being removed without interfering with your system's and applications' performance.

VIP Privacy knows about 700 applications and several thousand system leaks storing your personal data that can be used by malefactors. VIP Privacy will also give detailed description of each privacy leak found in your system. The search and removal processes are fully customizable, so you're always in total control of the situation.

In this way VIP Privacy provides a perfect way to defend you from malicious actions attempted by hackers, spyware, trojans etc. No one will ever steal something that you just don't have!

With VIP Privacy you're always on the safe side!

Key features

Fully customizable search and clear options for safe removal of private user's data

Panic mode for quick and easy one-step data removal

Easy-to-use scheduler for automatic system clean up

Indicator of current privacy level for quick safety evaluation

Export to text file feature for your future reference

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